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Program Includes:
  • Keynote Address: Institutional Racism in the Penal and Criminal Justice System - Dr. Angela Davis
  • Q & A with Dr. Angela Davis
  • Book Signing with Dr. Angela Davis
  • Networking sessions
  • 7 50-minute workshops
  • 7 50-faciliated discussions
  • 2 panels
  • 2 invited workshops
  • 15 25-minute presentations
  • 17 posters

Friday 9/22/17

Workshops, Facilitated Discussions, Panel Discussions, or Presentations:

  • Christine de Pizan, Family and Craft: A Fourteenth-Fifteenth Century Perspective on Working Women and Work-Life Balance - Ellen Thorington (French/Medieval French Literature/Women and Gender Studies)
  • Fourth World Nation: A Critical Geography of Stratification, Abandonment, and Resilience - Olon F. Dotson (Architecture)
  • Embracing a Diverse Culture of Peace -Michelle Glowacki-Dudka & Cathy Mullett (Adult and Community Education)

  • Let's Be Brave: Showing Up and Starting the Conversations That Matter - Michael King (Housing and Residence Life/ Honors College) & Danielle K. Badgett (Housing & Residence Life)
  • Interventions Aimed at Increasing Latino Youth Integration and Success- Silvia Bigatti (Public Health), Virna Diaz (Latino Health Organization), Monica Medina (School of Education), & Patricia Garcia (Private Practice Psychologist)
  • The Young Latina Project: Building Resiliency in a Time of Special Need -Silvia Bigatti (Public Health), Michelle Ramirez (Public Health), Virna Diaz (Latino Health Organization), Monica Medina (School of Education), & Patricia Garcia (Private Practice)
  • Sporting Areas as a Placemaking Process for Peace-Building- Lindsey C. Blom (Sport & Exercise Psychology), Jane Ellery, & Mariah Sullivan

  • Immigration and its Effect on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students- Dr. Bachelder (Curriculum and Instruction)
  • Where, Oh Where Have the Black Males Gone? Black Males in Medical Education -Dr. NaKeshi L. Dyer (Health Science Educator and Psychotherapist)

  • Implementing Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives: A Culture Change Process in K-12 Schools - Tessa R. Sutton & Dr. Ryan Donlan (Educational Leadership)

  • Crazy for Cages: A Conversation about the Prison Industrial Complex - Olon F. Dotson, Wes Janz, & Sharon Sutton (Architecture)

  • Story Maps as a Tool for Communities and Marginalized Groups - Jorn Seemann (Geography, Cartography, Cultural Geography)



Saturday 9/23/17

Workshops, Facilitated Discussions, Panel Discussions, or Presentations:

  • The Latino Service-Learning Experience:  Mentoring Partnerships between College and High School Heritage Students - Chin-Sook Pak (Spanish), Natalie Alatorre-Lagunes (Spanish Teaching), Jacqueline Pozadas (Political Science & Legal Studies)

  • Bridging the Gap: Implementing a Diversity Training Model with Law Enforcement - Ernest Brown, Jr. , Steven Kniffley, Jr., & Louis Kubi (Psychology)
  • Academic Mechanisms, Social Engagement Opportunities, and Stages of Inclusion: Winning Domestic Students of Color at a PWI - LaNeeça R. Williams (Diversity & Inclusion)

  • The Imperative of Contextual Cognizance: Community-Engaged Teacher Preparation and the Development of Culturally Responsive, Equity-Focused, Socially-Just Teachers- Eva Zygmunt, Kristin Cipollone, & Susan Tancock (Elementary Education), Dorshele Stewart (History), Serena Shim (Educational Psychology), Jon Clausen (Educational Studies), & David Roof (Educational Studies)

  • Breaking the Borders of a Psychology Lab as an Interdisciplinary Mechanism for Social Change on Campus - Olivia Szendey & Matthew R. Lee (Psychology)
  • Navigating Education with a Criminal Record - Antonette L. Payne (Adult Higher and Community Education)
  • Classroom Conversations: Creating a Safe Space for Dialogue Around Diversity and Inclusion - Melissa McManus Scircle (Psychology)
  • Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights and other Global Justice Issues in the University Curriculum: Crossing Borders without a Passport - Margaret L. Signorella (Psychology & Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies), Veronica Montecinos (Sociology), Elizabeth Mazur (Psychology), & Maryellen Higgins (English)
  • #blacklivesmatter:Rethinking Children's & YA Lit: Literary Activism - Darolyn "Lyn" Jones, Audrey Bowers, Cassidy Langston, Corrine Lankowicz, Eileen Porzuczek, Alex Stoltie, Kayla Veal, & Hannah Winters (English)
  • Are We Real Educators? Promoting Equal and Equitable Educational Opportunities for Marginalized Students in K-12 and Higher Education -Bin Zhang (Educational Studies)

  • Military Veterans in the Criminal Justice System: An Overlooked and Underserved Population - Ryan A. Hess & Sara L. Evans (Psychology)
  • The Impact of a Black Sociology Course on a Midwestern PWI - John W. Anderson Jr. (Sociology), Adriana Arthur, Byron Ballard, Justin Miti, & Samuel Johnson 
  • Hear Me Out: Using Theater & Student Voices to Bring About Diversity and Inclusion - Deandra Cadet (Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Social Justice, Arts), Taeyin ChoGlueck, (InterAction, MFA Creative Writing), & Dé Bryant (Community Psychology/Social Action Project)  
  • Critical perspectives of students of color in doctoral programs at predominately white institutions - Antonette L. Payne, Chris Cathcart, Vashon Broadnax, & Rosalinda Ortiz (Adult Higher & Community Education) 

  • Teaching as the Practice of Freedom: Youth Participatory Action Research as Anti-Oppressive Praxis - Rachel Radina (Teacher Education), Tammy Schwartz, (Urban Cohort), Genesis Ross, (Educational Leadership), Michelle Wallace (Student Affairs & Higher Education), Shawna Whitehead,(Educational Psychology), & Kiaya White, (Student Affairs & Higher Education)

  • Lessons from the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964 - Jacky Johnson (History), Stephanie Danker (Art Education), Ann Elizabeth Armstrong (Theatre Department), & Esther Claros Berlioz (Educational Leadership)
  • Body Policing and Cultivating Space for the Experiences of Harassment Among Marginalized People -Lakesha Winley, Syeda Rahmani, Amanda Weaver, Blake Bettis, & Penelope Asay (Clinical Psychology)

  • Hermeneutical Phenomenological Analysis of Intracultural Bullying Between Mexican Americans and Mexican Immigrants - Sandra Espinoza-Montes (Psychology & Spanish) & Katherine. L. N. Colles (Psychology)

  • ​Collaborating, Planning, and Implementing Social Justice Programs at Universities: A Student Perspective - Samantha F. Hinnenkamp, Ashley Schoener, & Julio Brionez (Counseling Psychology)

  • A Difficult Dialogue about Vulnerability: My students and I have biases. What should I do about it? - David Concepcion (Philosophy)