Call for Proposals​​
Theme: Creating Brave Spaces for Inclusion, Equity, and Justice
Proposal submission is now closed

Submission Instructions:

1. Submit a proposal to present your diversity related work via a poster, a 25-minute talk, a 50-minute workshop or facilitated discussion, or a full panel discussion (75-110 minutes) that includes the following:
  • Author's or authors' contact information and affiliation
  • Preferred format and intended audience
  • Project title
  • 2-4 anticipated learning outcomes for participants 
  • Background, purpose, and method of work being presented (100-word maximum; full panel proposal: 300-word maximum)
  • 2-4 key contributions (relevant to discipline: results, evidence of effectiveness,  outcome, or future work, etc.)  of work being presented
  • Relevance to the symposium's theme of inclusion, equity and justice (50-word maximum)
  • Plan for participant engagement (if presenting 50-minute workshop or facilitated discussion)
  • 3-sentence summary of project (to be published in the symposium program if accepted)
  • 3 key words about the proposed presentation


Criteria for evaluating submissions:

The proposal/proposed presentation:
  • Is clear, is well written, and includes all required information.
  • Has potential appeal to audience from many disciplines. 
  • Adheres to the symposium's theme (includes a focus on inclusion, equity and justice).
  • Will advance participants’ awareness, knowledge, and/or skills relating to cultural diversity issues.
  • Will promote effective and innovative practices.  

We are seeking proposals that relate to one or more of the following domains: 

We are no longer accepting proposals.
Submission deadline Was 6/1.
  1. Education (Pedagogy & Curriculum)
    Education (Pedagogy & Curriculum)
  2. Research
  3. Community Engagement
    Community Engagement
  4. Student Engagement
    Student Engagement
  5. Professional Development & Mentoring
    Professional Development & Mentoring
  6. Disparities (Health, Housing, Economic, Education, Environmental Justice, Criminal Justice)
    Disparities (Health, Housing, Economic, Education, Environmental Justice, Criminal Justice)
  7. Practical &
 Clinical Applications
    Practical & Clinical Applications
  8. Business
  9. Arts & Entertainment
    Arts & Entertainment

We welcome scholarly work already published and/or presented elsewhere.