DRS 2014 E-book

​​Table of Contents

Introduction  - Charles R. Payne                                                                                                       
Letter from the Editors  - Linh Nguyen Littleford and Charlene Alexander                            
History of the Diversity Research Symposium
Conference Highlights  
Recruiting and Retaining LGBT Athletes Lessons from the Population                          Barbour, Channell L.; Roberts, Gregory; Windover, Rebecca

        Methikalam, Bindu; Sandhu, Simrun Kaur; McClincey, Sneha

        Jones, Darolyn "Lyn"

Cross-Cultural Education: An Auto-Ethnographic Reflection on Teaching in an Intensive English Camp in Thailand                                                                        
        Richardson, Tobin; Kelderhouse, Lindsey

Including LGBTQ Voice: A Narrative of Two Gay Music Teachers
​        Talbot, Brent C.; Hendricks, Karin S.

       Mirabal, Magdy; Weathers, Tess D.